Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates the simple, repetitive administrative tasks at a key stroke level.

Taking an instance of claims adjudication as a process, there are numerous mindless tasks, like inputting the claim into a system, hook up an attachment with a claim number, verify the claimant’s eligibility, verify provider details etc. These tasks are critical enough, and need to be carried out diligently. RPA takes over and automates these sub-processes, letting you assign your valuable claims adjudicators to make key decisions – approve or deny, verify the pricing, requesting for additional information and assigning the benefits as per policy guidelines.

Apart from claims processing, RPA could be used effectively in back-office operations such as Customer on-boarding, Policy issuances, Customer servicing, Revenue cycle management and more.

Digitangle’s automation team manages an end-to-end process automation, right from analysing your process, identifying improvement opportunities, building a cost benefit proposal, writing the automation scripts, testing and finally the commissioning.

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    Health insurance companies are rife with numerous administrative tasks and manual processes. RPA could be your answer to automate those tasks, freeing up your valuable resources and reducing chances of error. Let’s Get Started.