Information Security

Information Security

Cyber-attacks are a "clear and present" danger to your data, PII, and fiduciary business responsibilities. Fees, fines, and compliance costs grow in size and frequency with every major security breach that cycles through the news.

Digitangle has a unique way of detecting, observing, and conducting - security assessments of vulnerable IT systems and critical applications. Our team of security professionals will work with your risk and security personnel to identify “risky” gaps and persistent security threats that could be exploited to conduct malicious activity on your network.

*California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 takes effect in 2020

Our ( AI ) cognitive technologies can help under-resourced security personnel meet the dynamic, complex threats now faced by every Insurance and Healthcare company. Digitangle solutions provide the insights needed to help you fight through the distraction of hundreds of daily alerts, reducing response times and improving your security posture now and into the future.

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